belmondo actor

Belmondo: a Fashion Actor

Heartbreaker of the Seventies, Jean Paul Belmondo left us some days ago. He was one of the most iconc actor of the movement called “Nouvelle Vague”: realism, challnge and novelties are the main characteristcs of this way of act. In particular, in the famous film “A’ bout de souffle” he challeged any cinema’s rules looking … Read more

jane birkin

Jane Birkin: Icon Of 70s Style

Actress, singer and british director french naturalized, Jane Birkin was one of the muses of the 70s fashion world. Let’s go back some of her iconic look. The most iconic look: flared jeans and t-shirt Classic seventies look, flared jeans paired with a simple t-shirt was a must-have for Jane. Of course, the cropped sweater … Read more

Raffaella Carrà: Icon of Music and Style

Showgirl, dancer and singer, Raffaella Carrà, who sadly left us on July 5, was a true icon in the panorama of the Italian show business. His way of doing things and her style were not only iconic but also revolutionary. Navel exposed It was in 1969 that, as presenter of Canzonissima alongside Corrado, Raffaella appeared … Read more


The History of Shorts

Although they may seem like a recent invention, shorts were born in the late nineteenth century. Initially they were used as a garment for schoolchildren’s uniforms; only in the twentieth century they become part of the adult wardrobe. Their evolution The first woman who wore shorts was the tennis player Alice Marble in 1933. This … Read more

Friends: The Perfect Jeans For Each Character

One of the most popular television series, not only in the nineties, is definitely Friends. The series tells of the adventures (and misadventures) of six young friends from New York. Each of them has a very different personality from the others, and this is reflected in the way they dress. Let’s see which Shaft pants … Read more


Seventies: Fashion Against The Current

The Seventies were a very complex decade on a historical level. The Cold War brought a climate of economic and political uncertainty. At the same time it was the decade of some great social revolutions: it was on December 18, 1970 that the divorce law came into force. Furthermore, feminist protests and protests for equal … Read more

Marlon Brando: A Sex Symbol Of Style

In the Hollywood scene, we find iconic characters who are often remembered for their nature, for their beauty, but also for their way of dressing. An example is Marlon Brando, the sex symbol of the 1950s: his style? Leather jacket, white T-shirt and of course a pair of jeans. His history Born in Omaha, Nebraska, … Read more

Amelia Bloomer: Fashion Activist

There were many women who in the past, with their actions, revolutionized women’s fashion. One of these was Amelia Bloomer, the one who first created a pair of women’s trousers. Biography Amelia was born in New York in 1818. She was educated in a local school and in 1840 she married Dexter Bloomer, a journalist … Read more


Jeans, given its robustness, was born as a fabric for work trousers. During the 1950s this assumes an iconic value thanks to the Hollywood stars who start wearing it: an example was James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” by 1955 but also Marylin Monroe, who in 1952, playing Peggy, interpreted “Clash by Night”. The … Read more

Cher style icon

Cher: Icon Of Music And Style

To call her just a singer is as reductive as it’s wrong. True, her musical career is what made her famous 50 years ago, and even today, but when we talk about Cher we also remember her films and especially her looks. She has been an undisputed style icon from the very beginning, thanks to … Read more

Denim icon Brigitte Bardot

Denim Icons: The Stars of The 60s

We told you the story of denim and how jeans have become a must-have in every wardrobe. Over the years denim garments have gained more and more fame, it is also thanks to the several stars who have worn them and have made them a lifestyle. One of the first icons of denim was James … Read more


Denim Icon: James Dean In “Rebel Without A Cause”

A movie for 50s young people Speaking of denim icons, we cannot fail to mention James Dean and his distinctive style in the film that made him famous, “Rebel without a cause”. The famous 1955 film tells the story of three young guys with different but very similar family situations who find themselves united in … Read more

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