Shorts: The Most Suitable Models For Every Body Type

The heat is approaching, and with it the desire to uncover the legs. The undisputed protagonists of the summer season are therefore the shorts. There are different shapes, lengths and materials. Let’s see them together and understand which model is best suited to each body.

1. Bermuda

When we want to wear shorts without sacrificing elegance, then we have to choose a Bermuda. These are soft shorts, often in light fabrics, generally with a high waist, with pockets and pleats. Being a fairly wide model of shorts, it is the one that best suits every body. The only precaution for the less tall: try to limit shorts that are too long to avoid the “bag” effect.

2. Cyclists Shorts

Stylish in recent seasons, it is a tight-fitting shorts in technical material and just above the knee. Suitable for casual wear, they are not recommended for an elegant outing. Being very adherent and of a particular length, they are a model suitable for few as they greatly emphasize the legs, both the strengths and the imperfections: therefore, if we are not very “confident” with our legs, it is better to avoid them.

3. Sportive

Generally in cotton or technical material, they are the most comfortable model of shorts ever: suitable not only for a workout but also for a walk in the park with friends. It is a casual garment suitable for everyone, given their comfort and width, which accompanies all shapes.

4. Capri Pants

Elegant trousers, which allow you to let your legs breathe while maintaining a certain tone. Given their elegance, they can be paired with a pair of heels and a jacket for an evening look. They fit most physicality, even they might be overly mature for a young girl.

5. Cargo

The model suitable for those who love adventure, trekking, nature: these are shorts that recall the masculine lines, generally made in shades of brown and green. They are very comfortable and casual, therefore suitable for long outings. Being not too short and tight, they are suitable for any body type.

6. Jeans

When we talk about shorts, we cannot fail to consider the classic model of jeans: it is a short, generally low-waisted and tight-fitting shorts. It is suitable for those with nice legs who want to show off.

In fact, almost all of the aforementioned patterns can be made with this fabric. From the high waist, to the wide or tight leg: the denim shorts, in all its forms, are a real must-have in the summer wardrobe.

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