Shaft Loves Women: Vittoria Hyde

#SLW: Interview With A Rock’N Roll Lover

Hi Vittoria, Tell Us What Are You Doing?

I have a program on DeeJay radio called Night CALL for the people of the night.
And the new “Vittoria and The Hyde Park” album is about to be released.
The new single is called Never Too Much.

vittoria and the hyde park

What Is The Part Of Your Job That You Like The Most?

I like being in contact with lots of people,
communicate directly with listeners.
I can’t stand still, I need to change. I’m a chameleon.

What Is The Accessory You Can’T Go Out Without?

I can’t go out without heels! Not necessarily high, but heels.
For me, femininity starts right from the shoe.

vittoria-hyde shaft loves women

Morning Or Evening?

At the moment I prefer the night because of my job.
I find it difficult to get up in the morning.

What Could You Never Give Up?

I could never give up on music. And my sleeping hours too.
It’s difficult to concentrate on one thing only.
However, I could never give up even my family and my dog.


A garment makes me feel really good if I can keep it all day long, like jeans.
Better if customized. A look must be transversal and make me feel as
comfortable as a second skin. It has to be on you naturally.

Vittoria Hyde in total look Shaft Jeans

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

I certainly see myself as a girl who is never steady, exactly as today.
Maybe around the world playing with the band, but with the
possibility of throwing myself into the Van and make a live with Deejay radio.
Not having to give up on anything. This is my dream.

How Important Is Collaboration To You?

Collaboration is essential because if you are alone you can reach a certain point.
I am collaborative by nature: a person who seeks the idea
within the idea of ??others.
This is fundamental for development and for doing things well.

Around The World Or At Home?

I make interesting projects and things around the world,
and therefore I am happy. But at some point you go home.
To rebalance myself from a period around the world I go back home. So I’d say both.

vittoria hyde

What Do You Think Of Made In Italy?

As I live in Italy and I love this country madly,
I believe that Italy is the best among the countries that represent fashion.
I strongly support Made in Italy.

How Much Denim Is In Your Wardrobe?

I have always had a crazy weakness for denim linking
it to a rock and roll image or to great classics like James Dean.
I could never give it up, there is a lot in my wardrobe.

If I Say Jeans What Comes To Your Mind?

If you say jeans, Bruce Springsteen’s B-side comes to my mind.
For me Jeans are really sexy.


I have always had a crazy weakness for denim, linking it to a rock and roll image
or to the great classics like James Dean. Characters with strong personality, who know how to wear jeans, total denim.
It’s not easy, it’s not for everyone and you need to have a nice character and personality.
I love denim because it is a very transversal look. Morever by adding important accessories,
you can greatly embellish the outfit and it can still become a look
for the evening and important occasions.
Denim represents the fact of having taste and style: sporty but also elegant.
I could never give it up, there is a lot in my wardrobe, from tight high-waisted jeans
with a shirt, or flared trousers from the 70s, the over size of the 80s.
In short, jeans are a garment that can take on a lot of different styles and shapes,
linked to certain epochs… and therefore certain periods of music.
The jeans in the world of music is always been very representative.
Thinking also of the historic cover of Bruce Springsteen with jeans in the foreground…
The man in total jeans makes me crazy!

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