Seventies: Fashion Against The Current

The Seventies were a very complex decade on a historical level. The Cold War brought a climate of economic and political uncertainty. At the same time it was the decade of some great social revolutions: it was on December 18, 1970 that the divorce law came into force. Furthermore, feminist protests and protests for equal civil rights became the order of the day.

Saturday night fever spread, and in the world of music there were rock stars trying to break down the taboos of the society of the time: an example is David Bowie, who played with gender identity, redefining the boundaries between masculine and feminine.

Fashion, in these years, took the form of a real movement: flared jeans, very high wedges and low-cut sandals, wide ethnic-inspired skirts, were all symbols of a fashion against the current, which wanted to express freedom.

Seventies Jeans

One of the leading clothing items of these years was definitely jeans. These pants do not know half measures: they went from very short shorts (like those of the famous Jesus Jeans advertising campaign, where, on the back of a pair of women’s shorts, the words “who loves me follow me” were printed) to long and flared pants.

Although originating in the sixties, as they were one of the main hallmarks of hippy culture, it was in the Seventies that this garment became a real fashion item.

The use of this garment became totally unisex, it was used both by women and by men, in fact the flared pants symbolized (and still symbolize) gender equality and social equality.

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Flared Trousers: The New Trend For 2021

One of the hottest trends for 2021 will be the return of the flared pants. However, it will not be a very accentuated paw, but a tight jeans on the thigh with a slightly hinted paw. The only difference with the seventies? They are no longer worn with vertiginous wedges or very low sandals, but with heels and sneakers

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