Bell Bottom Story: Symbol Of Youth And Rebellion

Today the bell bottom pants are essential in every women’s wardrobe. This model, snug on the thighs and wide from the knee down, enhances the silhouette and slims even those who do not have a particular.

Flared or bell-bottom jeans are an icon during the 70s, wore by hippies and bohemians aimed at non-conformism and rebellion against society and war. But, as we know thanks to the article on the history of Flare jeans, wide-leg trousers were born long before the decade of the flower children. In fact, their origins date back to 1800, where they were used by the Navy. Let’s see the whole story of the bell bottom jeans.

Who Invented The Bell Bottom Jeans?

This is a question that has not yet answered, and perhaps we will never know who invented the bell bottom pants first. However, we know who started wearing them: we are talking about the sailors of the American Navy in 1800. The wide leg was adopted as an official uniform for a matter of practicality: it made it easier to recover a sailor who fell into the water, but also to roll up the trousers in case of high water and avoid dirtying the uniform.

In reality, the sailors’ uniforms weren’t real flared trousers, but rather wide-legged trousers.

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1920S: The Entry Into Fashion

During the 1920s this model made its entry into fashion thanks to the French designer Coco ChanelIt is thanks to her that women of this era finally broke free of corsets and dresses and began to wear wide-legged trousers. Chanel took inspiration from the wide sailor pants and introduced versions of her like “Yacht Pants” and “Beach Pajamas“.

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1960S: Backfire

The fashion of bell trousers has returned since the 1960s, this time both for men and women. In these years, young people began to express disappointment with politics and society and the culture of rebellion was born. And the rebellion was also reflected in fashion.

But why bell bottoms? Well, the young hippies bought their clothes in second-hand shops, where the old sailors’ uniforms were found. They began to adorn them with flowers, embroidery and colorful patches in order to protest against the war.

And so the designers also adapt their collections to the new trend: flared jeans became a must-have item even for the big clothing brands.

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1970S: Disco Dance

As we know, the flared jeans represent an icon of the 70s. This decade is known not only for hippie culture, but also for disco dance. In fact, the flared pants, with wide collars and shoes with very high heels represent the iconic outfit of the disco nights of the 70s.

The success of these pants grows even more, also thanks to blues rock bands like “Derek and the Dominos” who wear them and mention them in their lyrics, and to television programs. An example is the program “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” in which the couple wears flared pants.

Bell-shaped trousers are therefore the symbol of the 70s: trousers with very wide hems, which flared from the knee, mainly made of denim, colored satin and polyester.

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You know, when a garment becomes fashionable, its variants are born immediately. In fact, in this decade we also find the Loon pants, an abbreviation of Balloon Pants, but with a wider flare.

End of The 1970S, End Of Flared Jeans?

As we know, at the end of the 1970s people’s musical tastes changed. With the advent of punk rock, flared jeans were replaced by trousers and skinny jeans. But was that the end of our beloved wide leg pants? Absolutely not.

In the 90s, especially after the middle, fashion again tended towards wider shapes, even in jeans. In this period bootcut jeans was born: the difference between flared jeans and bootcut jeans is the width of the leg, which is much greater in the first one.

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Today the flared trend, but also the bootcut, are back in fashion. In fact, as we know, fashion is cyclical and in recent years all the iconic trends and styles of the past are returning.

Our fall/winter 20-21 collection is an authentic return to the 70s, not only because of the shapes and models with wide leg, but also because of its warm colors and patterns. We wanted to recreate the true 70s mood.

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