Amelia Bloomer: Fashion Activist

There were many women who in the past, with their actions, revolutionized women’s fashion. One of these was Amelia Bloomer, the one who first created a pair of women’s trousers. Biography Amelia was born in New York in 1818. She was educated in a local school and in 1840 she married Dexter Bloomer, a journalist … Read more

donne e pantaloni

Women And Pants: a Struggle For Gender Equality

Although today trousers are an extremely popular item of clothing in the women’s wardrobe, for many centuries, it was considered scandalous to wear them. Let’s retrace the story of how women, after many struggles and courage fights, were able to freely wear this garment. The birth of trousers The first forms of trousers date back … Read more


Jeans, given its robustness, was born as a fabric for work trousers. During the 1950s this assumes an iconic value thanks to the Hollywood stars who start wearing it: an example was James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” by 1955 but also Marylin Monroe, who in 1952, playing Peggy, interpreted “Clash by Night”. The … Read more


Shaft Loves Women: Vittoria Hyde

#SLW: interview with a Rock’n Roll lover Hi Vittoria, tell us what are you doing? I have a program on DeeJay radio called Night CALL for the people of the night. And the new “Vittoria and The Hyde Park” album is about to be released. The new single is called Never Too Much. What is … Read more

Shaft Loves Women: Vera Alvigni

#SLW: interview with a digital pr in fashion and yoga Hi Vera, tell us what are you doing? I deal with DIGITAL PR. From editorial projects on social media to the production of events for fashion and yoga, my biggest passion. What is the part of your job that you like the most? I love … Read more

Shaft Loves Women Italy Segreta

Shaft Loves Women: Marina Cacciapuoti

#SLW: interview with the founder of Italy Segreta Hi Marina, tell us what are you doing? I created an Italy life style brand called Italy Segreta. A brand that can bring abroad and enhance all that is beautiful and authentic in Italy. What is the part of your job that you like the most? Everything… Read more

Shaft Loves Women Licia-Florio

Shaft Loves Women: Licia Florio

#SLW: interview with a woman who chooses mindful objects and finds meaning in the ordinary. Hi Licia, tell us what are you doing? I started 10 years ago with a shoe brand, which bears my name. Now it is also a collection of Soft Sport and Nail Polishes. What I like to do is make … Read more

Shaft Loves Women

Shaft Loves Women: Annalisa Morzone

#SLW: INTERVIEW WITH THE CEO OF ATELIER 712 HELLO ANNALISA, TELL US WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE I am basically a creative person, I need a thousand stimuli and to see as many things as possible. I design and make jewels for my brand Atelier 7|12, a project of my own. This means doing research, dealing with my clients who… Read more

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