The creation of all our garments begins with an idea that, to be realized, requires lengthy planning. The hub of this creative journey is our Prototyping Department. That department serves as the crucial link between design and production. Prototyping starts with sketches from the design department and translates them into tangible, wearable pieces... Read more

Special craftmanships: Matelassé

Matelassé, a French term meaning “quilted” or “padded”, is an extraordinary textile technique known for its elegance, comfort and refinement. Matelassé was born in France in the mid-18th century during the reign of Louis XVI, where it was mainly used in production of blankets and upholstery. Its unique aesthetic quickly gained prominence ... Read more

Special Craftmanships: Flocking

In Shaft Jeans for three generations we have dedicated great attention and care to the research and development of new materials and special processes to embellish and make our garments unique. We use top quality artisan craftmanships in collaboration with expert Italian companies in the sector. One of these is FLOCKING, a decorative technique in … Read more

Color Harmony: To Each His Own Color

Cold or warm, dark or light colors: not all shades are suitable for us; some enhance our figure and others penalize it. To understand which colors is the best for you, we must rely on color harmony, that is the study of the colors that give us the most. Each of us, according to our … Read more

Cotton: History And Processing

The history of cotton goes back thousands of years. The first signs of its presence date back to 9000 years ago. It was in that remote period that the first seeds of the plant were found in the Indus valley. It is a plant found on many continents, including America, where the Maya, the Aztecs … Read more

Denim Day

Denim Day

Violence against women is today one of the hottest issues on which we must clash and focus our attention. Denim Day was born with the intention of fighting so that this cruel gesture can become a distant memory. How it was born The initiative was born as a sign of protest against a sentence of … Read more

Sustainable Denim: How To Fight Pollution And Fast Fashion

The world of fashion is not always eco-sustainable: very often, in fact, thousands of liters of water and chemical dyes rich in heavy metals are used to produce an item of clothing. Moreover, these forms of pollution are accompanied by a waste of clothing: we are talking about fast fashion, or “disposable” garments. Despite this, … Read more

Chinos Model: From Origins To Fashion Garments

Today it is one of the trendy models in both the male and female wardrobe, but the origins of this model are so far from fashion world: we are talking about the Chinos model, a real must in the wardrobe of fashion lovers. The origins The origins of this model are very distant from the … Read more

donne e pantaloni

Women And Pants: a Struggle For Gender Equality

Although today trousers are an extremely popular item of clothing in the women’s wardrobe, for many centuries, it was considered scandalous to wear them. Let’s retrace the story of how women, after many struggles and courage fights, were able to freely wear this garment. The birth of trousers The first forms of trousers date back … Read more

Denim: All Types

Fashion is not a topic on everyone’s lips, but there is no doubt that most people (if not everyone) know Denim, the fabric of which jeans are made. Despite this, few people know how this fiber is composed, and especially the variants that characterize it. Let’s see them together. Characteristics of Denim Denim is made … Read more


Body Shape: Which Jeans Is Best For You

Apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle: these are the main shapes that our body can have and that can influence the way we dress. In fact, each shape has its strengths. Let’s see which pants are best suited to our physicality. The right pant for your body shape Reverse triangle-shaped pants Characterized by a poorly marked … Read more


Organic Denim: This Is How Fashion Can Be Sustainable

There are more and more clothing brands that focus on sustainability. Eco-sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly popular even in retail stores, enjoying enormous success even with consumers who previously did not care about similar issues. Each one in its own way strives to pollute less and less and, at the same time, to offer consumers … Read more

How To Recognize Quality Denim: Here’S What You Have To Know

Those who are not experts in the sector might think that the price or the brand make a quality jeans, but this is not the case. The value of the denim fabric is given by some characteristics that are generally found on the label: the quality of the fabric, the weight, the type of dye … Read more

Size Guide: Tips To Find Out The Right Size For You

Online shopping is increasingly popular and appreciated by fashion lovers. It is no secret that most stores have a larger amount of stock online than at their physical locations, and search buttons make it even easier to find the products that you want in a minimal amount of time. In addition, e-commerces very often offer … Read more


How To Wash Denim: Tips To Avoid Damages

We all love denim pants, and each of us has a favorite pair of jeans that we wish it would last forever. Think of the skinny jeans you bought a few years ago, or the ripped jeans that you love so much. So how to wash denim without damaging it? Here are the rules to … Read more

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