Zodiac Signs: To Each One His Own Perfect Jeans

Zodiac is a cool topic because either you believe it or you don’t believe it, there is no middle way. In fact, there are those who look forward to the horoscope of their sign every month, every week, every day to find out what their future will be like. True, even the experts admit that this is not an exact science, but if we have even one chance to feel safer or to avoid one more worry, why not take it?

We admit it, the zodiac signs have always fascinated us, and due to the Chinese New Year of February 12, 2021, we decided to create an astrological guide. We assigned each zodiac sign a model of jeans that reflected their inclinations. Are you curious?

Jeans For Every Zodiac Sign

Aries (March 21St – April 19Th)

People born under the sign ofAries are very direct, capable of making decisions and acting with intentionality and determination. And let’s not forget the most famous characteristic of Aries: patience. That’s why we assigned this zodiac sign a jeans that requires a lot of patience: the model with buttons instead of the faster zip closure. Aries, let’s test your patience!

Aries jeans

Taurus (April 20Th – May 20Th)

Taurus is the sign of pleasure and well-being, but also of strength. We have associated with this sign the boyfriend jeans because he is not only a comfortable model, because it does not tighten, but also has the power to make you feel good, giving a casual and carefree atmosphere.

Taurus jeans

Gemini (May 21St – June 21St)

It is said that someone born under this sign is a very versatile person, but also very fickle and who is easily influenced. That’s why shorts are their perfect jeans: they allow them to create countless looks in all seasons, freeing the Geminis from indecision due to too many ideas.

Gemini jeans
Short Pauline

Cancer (June 22Nd – July 22Nd)

It is the sign of emotionality, sentimental and nostalgic. All these features immediately make us think of Mom jeans, partly because of the name, partly because it recalls the past 90s, nourishment for the most nostalgic Cancro più nostalgici.

Cancer jeans

Leo (July 23Rd – August 23Rd)

Leo is a generous sign, but also ambitious and dominant. In fact, you know, Leos love the limelight, in life and in their outfits. And what better jeans to be the center of attention, than a super colorful model, with drawings, prints and everything that can attract the look of those around you. Leo deserves a look as bold and glamorous as his temperament.

Leo jeans

Virgo (August 24Th – September 22Nd)

This sign is often considered vain and judgmental, but experts tell us that people born under the sign of Virgo are humble, modest and selfless. However, one characteristic of Virgos is certain: they are elegant. That’s why a high-waisted flare pant is for you. Yes, it reflects elegance, but also a sense of organization and precision.

Virgo jeans

Libra (September 23Rd – October 22Nd)

Libra is known as the sign of harmony, justice and the search for balance, but it is also the sign that struggle to make a decision. What better jeans than culotte for those suffering from indecision? This model is flared, but also short, it can look like a skirt, it is winter but also summer. In short, a “confusing” garment for an equally confusing sign.

Libra jeans

Scorpio (October 22Nd – November 23Rd)

People born under the sign of Scorpio are characterized by their subversive, undisciplined impulses dictated by passion and instinct. It is no coincidence that we have assigned them a model of jeans that goes beyond the normal rules and, in fact, stands out for its unconventional character. Here are the balloon jeans, perfect for those who follow their instincts with passion.

Scorpio jeans

Sagittarius (November 23Rd – December 21St)

It is the sign of avventura, della gioia di vivere e dell’ottimismo, tutte caratteristiche che spesso portano all’inconscio. Cosa ti viene in mente? Pensiamo alla giovinezza degli anni ’70 e di conseguenza ai jeans a gamba larga tipici di quel periodo e molto amati dai giovani hippy culture. E poi, non a caso, sono tornati di moda!

Sagittarius jeans

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)

Capricorn is often considered a cold, distant and insensitive sign because it is guided by logic and reason. But it is precisely these characteristics that lead Capricorns to set goals with clarity and do everything possible to achieve them. For you friends of this sign we have thought of skinny tight jeans: initially they are difficult to wear, but thanks to your tenacity and dedication they can be wonderful.

Capricorn jeans
Chinos Star

Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th)

Acquarius is the sign of freedom and originality, both in ideas and in the way of life. Original is also often rebellious and eccentric, in short, the Aquarius love to stand out. We have thought of something different for you: denim is not lacking, but legs are. This is the knee-length denim skirt. Ideal for you who want to feel free and also to stand out.

Acquarius jeans
Lesley Skirt

Pisces (February 20th – March 20th)

What most characterizes people born under the sign of Pisces are sensitivity and romance. It is true, you Pisces live in a world of your own that is not underwater, but simply an idealized world made of love and nostalgia. Your perfect jeans are the 90s bootcut, to wear as you remember better times with joy.

Pisces jeans

Our guide is over, and believe it or not the zodiac signs, any excuse is a good one to buy a new pair of jeans, right?

Let us know if you find yourself in the description of your sign!

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