The creation of all our garments begins with an idea that, to be realized, requires lengthy planning. The hub of this creative journey is our Prototyping Department.

That department serves as the crucial link between design and production. Prototyping starts with sketches from the design department and translates them into tangible, wearable pieces.

The department consists of Gianna, Mara and Darlin, who have been working together for years now, forming a united group.

The product design and ideation team, after various creative stages, passes to Prototyping a final drawing that will serve as the background for the work of the prototype department.

The first step in the prototyping process then involves the team's creation of a Base model, which is inspired by the sketch.

The Base Model is a detailed document containing sketches, fabric specifications, color codes, measurements, consumption and other information critical to the production of the prototype.

Once the department receives it, the final protype is ready to be made.


The Prototype (sample) is then examined for fit and conformity.

After approval, the final prototype serves as a model for the sample series to be produced and presented to customers.

Finally, the sample is also used in size development for final production during the selling season.


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