The creation of all our garments begins with an idea that, to be realized, requires lengthy planning. The hub of this creative journey is our Prototyping Department. That department serves as the crucial link between design and production. Prototyping starts with sketches from the design department and translates them into tangible, wearable pieces... Read more

Special craftmanships: Matelassé

Matelassé, a French term meaning “quilted” or “padded”, is an extraordinary textile technique known for its elegance, comfort and refinement. Matelassé was born in France in the mid-18th century during the reign of Louis XVI, where it was mainly used in production of blankets and upholstery. Its unique aesthetic quickly gained prominence ... Read more

Shaft Jeans, will you marry me?

Shaft Jeans, will you marry me?

Hi Denim Lover, are you wondering why a plane just passed by your favorite beach? You are in the right place. Shaft Jeans, the premium denim brand made in Italy, shoots the new “Love story” campaign on the Tuscan beaches. For the occasion, on July 23rd an airplane dating back to the period of greatest inspiration for the … Read more

Size guide: how to find the right size for your online shopping

To continue improving the user experience on our website, we have launched our new Size Guide page. This innovation aims to make online shopping more pleasant, thorough and personalized than before, reducing uncertainty in choosing the size to a minimum. Finding the right size has always been a challenge in the world of… Read more

Iconic Fits: Lola

Fashion changes, icons remain Every season Shaft Jeans offers a vast collection of garments, made up of new items and classics that have now become icons of the brand. One of the most iconic models is the Lola. Lola is a mid-rise bootcut jean with the classic 5 pockets, double stitching and metal button. … Read more

Special Craftmanships: Flocking

In Shaft Jeans for three generations we have dedicated great attention and care to the research and development of new materials and special processes to embellish and make our garments unique. We use top quality artisan craftmanships in collaboration with expert Italian companies in the sector. One of these is FLOCKING, a decorative technique in … Read more

Shaft Jeans

Historic denim brand, Shaft Jeans was born in Montpellier in the 1960s and was acquired in May 2004 by the Florentine entrepreneur Francesca Bacci. Francesca Bacci had already over 20 years of experience in the family business, which for decades had been producing clothing made with American denim directly imported from Cone Mills (at the … Read more

belmondo actor

Belmondo: a Fashion Actor

Heartbreaker of the Seventies, Jean Paul Belmondo left us some days ago. He was one of the most iconc actor of the movement called “Nouvelle Vague”: realism, challnge and novelties are the main characteristcs of this way of act. In particular, in the famous film “A’ bout de souffle” he challeged any cinema’s rules looking … Read more

Color Harmony: To Each His Own Color

Cold or warm, dark or light colors: not all shades are suitable for us; some enhance our figure and others penalize it. To understand which colors is the best for you, we must rely on color harmony, that is the study of the colors that give us the most. Each of us, according to our … Read more

jane birkin

Jane Birkin: Icon Of 70s Style

Actress, singer and british director french naturalized, Jane Birkin was one of the muses of the 70s fashion world. Let’s go back some of her iconic look. The most iconic look: flared jeans and t-shirt Classic seventies look, flared jeans paired with a simple t-shirt was a must-have for Jane. Of course, the cropped sweater … Read more

Raffaella Carrà: Icon of Music and Style

Showgirl, dancer and singer, Raffaella Carrà, who sadly left us on July 5, was a true icon in the panorama of the Italian show business. His way of doing things and her style were not only iconic but also revolutionary. Navel exposed It was in 1969 that, as presenter of Canzonissima alongside Corrado, Raffaella appeared … Read more


The History of Shorts

Although they may seem like a recent invention, shorts were born in the late nineteenth century. Initially they were used as a garment for schoolchildren’s uniforms; only in the twentieth century they become part of the adult wardrobe. Their evolution The first woman who wore shorts was the tennis player Alice Marble in 1933. This … Read more

Friends: The Perfect Jeans For Each Character

One of the most popular television series, not only in the nineties, is definitely Friends. The series tells of the adventures (and misadventures) of six young friends from New York. Each of them has a very different personality from the others, and this is reflected in the way they dress. Let’s see which Shaft pants … Read more

Cotton: History And Processing

The history of cotton goes back thousands of years. The first signs of its presence date back to 9000 years ago. It was in that remote period that the first seeds of the plant were found in the Indus valley. It is a plant found on many continents, including America, where the Maya, the Aztecs … Read more

Shorts: The Most Suitable Models For Every Body Type

The heat is approaching, and with it the desire to uncover the legs. The undisputed protagonists of the summer season are therefore the shorts. There are different shapes, lengths and materials. Let’s see them together and understand which model is best suited to each body. 1. Bermuda When we want to wear shorts without sacrificing … Read more


Seventies: Fashion Against The Current

The Seventies were a very complex decade on a historical level. The Cold War brought a climate of economic and political uncertainty. At the same time it was the decade of some great social revolutions: it was on December 18, 1970 that the divorce law came into force. Furthermore, feminist protests and protests for equal … Read more

Denim Day

Denim Day

Violence against women is today one of the hottest issues on which we must clash and focus our attention. Denim Day was born with the intention of fighting so that this cruel gesture can become a distant memory. How it was born The initiative was born as a sign of protest against a sentence of … Read more

Sustainable Denim: How To Fight Pollution And Fast Fashion

The world of fashion is not always eco-sustainable: very often, in fact, thousands of liters of water and chemical dyes rich in heavy metals are used to produce an item of clothing. Moreover, these forms of pollution are accompanied by a waste of clothing: we are talking about fast fashion, or “disposable” garments. Despite this, … Read more

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