Shaft Loves Women: Licia Florio

#SLW: Interview With A Woman Who Chooses Mindful Objects And Finds Meaning In The Ordinary.

Hi Licia, Tell Us What Are You Doing?

I started 10 years ago with a shoe brand, which bears my name.
Now it is also a collection of Soft Sport and Nail Polishes.
What I like to do is make people feel good.

Licia Florio sport

Why Nail Polish?

The drafting of the nail polish forces you to stop for those 5 minutes it takes to dry.
For me those 5 minutes of dedication to yourself are very important.

Licia Florio nail polish

What Is The Accessory You Can’T Go Out Without?

The shoes. I could go out naked but with shoes….
For me they are that part that keeps you tied to the ground.

Licia Florio shoes

Morning Or Evening?

Absolutely the morning. And very soon.
I can take some time just for myself. I love doing meditation in the morning.

What Could You Never Give Up?

I certainly could not give up on love and therefore on my partner Francio.
I am very romantic.


I feel good in a garment when it welcomes me and values ??me.
When I feel that it doesn’t want to transform my physicality and my personality.
A garment can make me change my mood.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

Still experimenting on myself and taking care of my brand.

How Important Is Collaboration To You?

Collaboration is indispensable! I believe in collaboration in a genuine way,
without competition.
Collaborating means supporting and growing.

Around The World Or At Home?

I love travelling and I’m always on the go. But I’m also fine at home.
I think it is important to stop and learn to appreciate what you have created.

If I Say Jeans What Comes To Your Mind?

If I say jeans I immediately think of Japan and the quality of their denim fabrics.
I think of the indigo color and the blue hands of the dyes.

What Do You Think Of Made In Italy?

For me, Made in Italy is synonymous with craftsmanship and tradition.
I am Italian so for me it is natural to work in Italy.
There are tailoring workshops where you can learn as well as work.

How Important Is Denim In Your Wardrobe?

I wear jeans and a white t-shirt every day. It is my uniform.
But I love denim total looks and denim jumpsuits.
Those are my favorites.

Licia Florio jeans and t-shirt

What Do You Think About The #Slw Project?

I always find it interesting that a brand wants to talk about women and the particularities of each one.
It is a topic we never tire of.

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