Pants And Style: When Personality Meets Fashion

Fashion is an expression of our personality, we must go along with it. It is therefore not certain that a garment that fits us perfectly can be the right one for us. Let’s see which pants to wear based on our style.

Elegant Classic

If, despite you living in the century of technology and innovation, your greatest aspiration is to go to a gala ball, or to a philosophical conversation accompanied by a cup of tea with biscuits, you must wear a classic-elegant style. The trousers that best suit your personality are well defined, elegant but without exaggeration: we suggest our Chinos Relaxed model.


If, on the other hand, you prefer to spend your free time playing a game of volleyball with friends, or you love to devote yourself to more extreme sports, then the style that characterizes you is the casual-sporty one. The right trousers for you are comfortable, allowing you to move but with style: we suggest our Chinos Jogging W model.

Fashion- Creative

If you love art, creativity and everything that is out of line, the style that suits you best is fashion-creative. To express yourself at your best you need trousers with particular shapes and imaginative colors: we suggest our Mara Summer model.


If you dream of prince charming and Valentine’s Day all year round, the style that suits you best is the romantic one. Do you love everything that is fluttering, with bows and laces: the right pants for you? Our Mariner model.

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