Men’S Jeans: All Models For a Perfect Look

Denim trousers are a real must have in the male wardrobe: not only for a casual look, but, with the right combinations, they are suitable for the most varied activities. Let’s see the most suitable models for every occasion.

For a Comfortable Look

For an everyday, comfortable and versatile look, we must choose jeans models that do not restrict movement and guarantee comfort: green light therefore to Regular models, with a medium waist, neither too wide nor too tight, with a straight fit on the thigh, so as to leave the leg free and comfortable.

Another very comfortable model is the Baggy jeans: that is a soft denim trousers with a wide but tight fit on the ankle, with a lower crotch than other models. An example? Our Tokyo Jeans model.

Jeans Tokyo

For an Elegant Look

If we do not want to give up jeans even on the most formal occasions, we can opt for a chinos model: a model originally from the military world (it was in fact worn by US soldiers in 1900). These are elegant trousers, tight but not too much, which fall “like a cigarette”. They also feature straight-cut back pockets. The front panels guarantee comfort.

Comfort and Elegance

A less demanding but still elegant alternative to Chinos is the Skinny model: made of a stretch fabric that wraps the leg up to the ankle, it is especially suitable for a lean and slender body. A “soft” alternative to the Skinny models is represented by the Slim models: adherent to the thigh, however, they tend to fall straight on the calf.

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