Jeans In The Decades

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. This iconic garment, which made the history of twentieth century fashion, has changed shape and model over the years: from flared trousers, to skinny, dai modelli high-waisted a quelli a vita bassa, vediamo come i jeans hanno cambiato forma nei decenni.

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Thirties: The “Western” Model

During the Thirties , jeans had a huge diffusion, especially in the United States thanks to the fame obtained with western films: it is a loose, casual and comfortable model..

The Forties: a “Functional” Model

The 1940s continue in the wake of the 1930s: jeans are loose and comfortable, above all because they must be functional to work in the factory, which in recent years has spread considerably.

Fifties: Capri Model

In the 1950s, jeans became part of everyone’s wardrobe: this thanks to American cinema and rock n roll. The most popular model in recent years is the Capri model: it is a model with a high waist and tight at the ankle. It was the model most worn by stars like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

Capri jeans

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Sixties: The Revolution

The Sixties are the symbol of student revolutions and social changes: and jeans never as before, become a symbol of revolt. Jeans lose almost all of their “work dress” component, becoming narrower on the hips, as if to enhance those shapes, which have been hidden for too long. The jeans were high-waisted and very tight at the hips.

Seventies: The Paw

The riots of the Sixties found their full application in the Seventies, and with them even jeans became even more daring: they become snug in the upper area and widen in the lower part, “like an elephant’s paw”. They are also often decorated with fringes and applications.

Jeans a zampa

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Eighties: Jeans Become A Must

In the Eighties, jeans are not just trousers: jackets, skirts, bags, even hats crowd the panorama of this decade. In these years, the high waist is maintained, but the shapes soften, and then tighten to the ankle.

Nineties: “Worn” Jeans

In the Nineties, jeans become “worn”: tears, patches, fading and large shapes like the mom model become protagonists in the fashion scene.


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2000S: “Skinny” Jeans

In the new millennium, the shape of jeans changes radically: no high waist and no more widths: Duemila-style jeans are low-waisted (indeed, very low, often with exposed underwear), tight as if they were a second skin and faded.

And Today? The Return Of The Past

2021 will be characterized by great returns. First of all, the elephant foot model, even if not too marked, such as our Bootcut models.

Bootcut Shaft Jeans

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