Japanese Denim: Why Is It The Best on The Market?

Japanese denim is more and more loved and popular, not only by true connoisseurs of this canvas, but also by those who love to wear beautiful and quality jeans.

But why is Japanese denim considered the best on the market?

First of all we specify that even if Japanese denim is considered a very high quality fabric, not all Japanese jeans are too. In fact, to be considered a premium Japanese denim it must have specific characteristics. Here’s how you can recognize them.

What Makes Japanese Denim A Quality Canvas?

We cannot talk about the characteristics of this canvas without knowing its story. After World War II and specifically during the 1970s, the Japanese imported the textile machinery used in the United States. Other sources instead, tell that the special frame used for the production of denim in Japan was the one created by the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works company, the current Toyota.

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Craftsmanship And Selvedge Denim

The artisanal production is one of the peculiarities that makes Japanese denim so special. The processing and weaving on these frames make them unique and inimitable.

Some narrower denim fabrics have a red braided thread, which prevent them from the decay. These are the “Selvedge Denim”, often considered as a symbol of artisanal clothing production. Selvedge denim are not always synonymous of quality, but in Japanese denim, it is a type of processing that makes them unique.

Selvedge jeans
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Denim Weight

Weight is measured in ounces (oz) and light denim is generally less resistant, softer and less durable than the heavy one. That’s why in Japan they prefer to produce heavier denim from 20 to 22 oz.

Post-Weaving Processes

There are various post-weaving treatments, such as sanforization or calendering. Premium Japanese denim forgoes all of these and this is the reason why they call it Raw Denim“.

Also the discoloration won’t be made by artificial procedures but it will be natural, due to the rubbing and movements of the wearer’s body.

Chinos Flaire with denim red Selvedge

Our passion for denim leads us to always experiment new fabrics, looking for the best quality and the perfect jeans since 1968. That’s why you can also find several red Selvedge denim within our collections.


Jeans from the best Japanese denim brands usually cost more beacuse of their Raw Denim characteristics, and, of course, of a really high quality. Here’s the most famous denim Japanese brands.

  • Momotaro
  • Oni Denim
  • Japan Blue Jeans
  • Blue Blue Japan
  • Evisu
  • Iron Heart
  • Samurai Jeans
  • Sugar Cane
  • TCB

Many of these brands, such as Momotaro and Japan Blue Jeans, are based in Kujima. Here the Japan denim industry was born and it continues to thrive.

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