Iconic Fits: Lola

Fashion changes, icons remain

Every season Shaft Jeans offers a vast collection of garments, consisting of new and classics pieces that have now become icons of the brand. One of the most iconic models is the Lola.

Lola is a medium-high waist bootcut jeans with the classic 5 pockets, double stitching and metal button.

Bootcut jeans are straight denim pants from the waist to the knee and then slightly wider at the ankle.

Their shape was influenced by the trousers worn by the sailors during the half of the 1800s, designed to allow them to wear boots with comfort. For this reason and because of their durability and comfort, bootcut jeans became popular in the following decades among cowboys and ranch workers. When these began to disappear in the real world, Hollywood reintroduced bootcut jeans in western movies and since then they spread as casual item of clothing for everyday wear.

In the 60s and 70s the design changed and the legs became widely flared: the bootcuts became flared jeans. From the end of the 80s the bootcut is back in fashion and continues to be popular today for both men and women.

Born more than 20 years ago, the Lola was one of the first models made by Shaft Jeans after Manifatture Twins took over the brand and brought it to Florence and has remained a ongoing item in all the brand's collections.

The classic version of the Lola is always available on our website and in the stores and is made in stretch denim

Over the years Shaft Jeans has implemented new patterns and fabrics and proposed the Lola in the various seasons in different variants: from organic denim to flocked cotton, from gabardine to 9 oz denim, from drill to printed denim.

The model of the historic Shaft Jeans garments is hardly ever changed, but we might add minor modifications or small details to update the garment from season to season according to the trends.

Our team also designed and realized some new models that take inspiration and main characteristics from the famous Lola, adding further particularities and specifications:

Tank: new model of the last 2 years, with pockets only on the front, often enriched with jewels or braids, central seam on the front and a design that slims the silhouette. Made in gabardine and silk denim;
Lolita: slit on the bottom that starts with a teardrop opening and marbled color. Made in 9oz denim only;
Lara: with 4-button opening on the front instead of the classic zip, leg slightly wider than the Lola and unfinished. Made in 9oz denim, gabardine;
Mia: a version based on the Lola, in order to make our flared denim very elastic. Made in hyper-stretch denim.

In the upcoming Shaft Jeans collections we will continue to make new developments and variations of our iconic model to always be in line with current trends.

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