Fabrics And Summer Heat: Which One To Choose

Summer has now arrived, and with it, in addition to the beautiful days to spend outdoors, the scorching heat has arrived. Let’s find out how to deal with it with taste fabrics.

Cotton: The King Of Fabrics

One of the most used fabrics in the world is definitely cotton.

Versatile and comfortable fabric, it is suitable for the summer season because it is breathable and absorbent. In addition, it is also suitable for the most delicate skin, given its anti-allergic action.

Linen: a Refined Fabric

Linen is the real star of the summer wardrobe: it is in fact a breathable, fresh and light fabric, since its texture is less dense than that of other fabrics. The only drawback? It tends to crease easily. To overcome this problem we can choose a linen mixed with cotton, which still guarantees all the qualities of linen but allows better fabric management, as is typical of cotton.

Freshness Linked To Color

Another trick to ensure greater freshness to our legs even on days of summer heat, is certainly the choice of the right color. Light colors are preferred, as they reflect light. Avoid black, a color that retains heat par excellence.

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Our Models Against The Heat

With our collection for spring / summer 2021 we have thought of models that meet not only trends, but also comfort and freshness. We tried to make jeans a fabric that in common view is seen as heavy and winter, fresh and suitable for the summer season. A successful example is our Tropic model, which is made up of 86% cotton, 12% linen and 2% elastane.

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