Chinos model: from origins to fashion garments

Today it is one of the trendy models in both the male and female wardrobe, but the origins of this model are so far from fashion world: we are talking about the Chinos model, a real must in the wardrobe of fashion lovers.

The origins

The origins of this model are very distant from the world of fashion: we are talking about the military world, and more precisely in the English colonies of the late 19th century. During the battles the white uniforms of the English army in Punjab were quite visible. Commander Harry Lumsden decided to make them “camouflage” with a bath of coffee blends and various spices. Hence the origin of this model, characterized by a straight and elegant cut, slit pockets and, at least originally, in khaki.

How to wear it today

These heavy cotton twill trousers, soft to the touch and resistant thanks to the dense weave, have always been characterized by an elegantly casual look. For this reason, we recommend combining these trousers with a minimal t-shirt and moccasin for him, and a blouse and ballerina for her. Elegance, but without exaggeration.

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