Sustainable denim: how to fight pollution and fast fashion

The world of fashion is not always eco-sustainable: very often, in fact, thousands of liters of water and chemical dyes rich in heavy metals are used to produce an item of clothing. Moreover, these forms of pollution are accompanied by a waste of clothing: we are talking about fast fashion, or “disposable” garments.

Despite this, many fashion companies are moving towards more sustainable production. Let’s see together how it is possible.

Fighting fast fashion

Since the beginning of the new millennium, while the production of new clothing has grown exponentially (from 5.9 to 13 kg per capita in the period 1975-2018), the average duration of their life cycle has decreased proportionally. This is the phenomenon of fast fashion, or rather of “disposable” garments. Due to the climate change taking place, we have to react to this consumption model: but how to do?

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1. More quality and less quantity

We must learn to buy fewer but higher quality items of clothing. Although more expensive, these garments will last over time and have a better fit: the environment thanks them.

2. Use the Organic Denim with Organic Washes

This is the new frontier of denim: organic cotton comes from agriculture which excludes the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, reducing the use of blue water.

In addition to cotton, denim coloring methods can also be more or less sustainable: there are in fact different forms of denim washing that reduce the use of water and eliminate the use of chemical additives.

This is also our prerogative, so much so that we have included a special collection dedicated to organic denim.

3. Use sustainable accessories

As we know, today the trousers are characterized by many decorations and accessories. Often these accessories are made of unsustainable materials, such as plastic. Preferring trousers featuring recycled accessories (buttons or vintage labels) not only allow you to be more environmentally friendly, but also allow you to have a unique piece in your wardrobe.

4. Prefer brands that use sustainable packaging

If you can’t buy physically, choose the e-commerce that make their packaging with recyclable materials: green light for cardboard, paper, tissue paper… plastic is banned!

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