Denim Shirt: A Must-Have In The Female Wardrobe

The shirt is often considered an elegant garment to be worn only for special occasions. If we are interested in wearing the shirt, then we can consider the one in jeans.

Let’s see how to match the shirts and which are the most suitable for each physicality and occasion.

Tone-On-Tone Denim

One of the most casual combinations is definitely the tone on tone: denim trousers combined with a denim shirt is not an excess but it is fashion and cool. We can combine denim of the same wash and heaviness or play with the various types, for example by combining heavier trousers with a lighter shirt, such as a 6 oz.

In Layers

The shirt lends itself very well to create a layered look, which recalls the outfits of rock stars. We can combine it with a white t-shirt or a fitted tank top. In any case, when we talk about layering, it is better to opt for an oversized, soft and sagging shirt.

With The Skirt For a Feminine Look

If we don’t want to give up femininity, we can combine the denim shirt with a skirt. Short and tight for a sexy look, wide and flared for a chic look. The most suitable shirts for this combination are those with ruffles, decorations on the collar and tight-fitting.

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