belmondo actor

Belmondo: a fashion actor

Heartbreaker of the Seventies, Jean Paul Belmondo left us some days ago. He was one of the most iconc actor of the movement called “Nouvelle Vague”:  realism, challnge and novelties are the main characteristcs of this way of act. In particular, in the famous film “A’ bout de souffle” he challeged any cinema’s rules looking … Read more

Color harmony: to each his own color

Cold or warm, dark or light colors: not all shades are suitable for us; some enhance our figure and others penalize it. To understand which colors is the best for you, we must rely on color harmony, that is the study of the colors that give us the most. Each of us, according to our … Read more

Fabrics and summer heat: which one to choose

Summer has now arrived, and with it, in addition to the beautiful days to spend outdoors, the scorching heat has arrived. Let’s find out how to deal with it with taste fabrics. Cotton: the king of fabrics One of the most used fabrics in the world is definitely cotton. Versatile and comfortable fabric, it is … Read more

Raffaella Carrà: icon of music and style

Showgirl, dancer and singer, Raffaella Carrà, who sadly left us on July 5, was a true icon in the panorama of the Italian show business. His way of doing things and her style were not only iconic but also revolutionary. Navel exposed It was in 1969 that, as presenter of Canzonissima alongside Corrado, Raffaella appeared … Read more


The history of shorts

Although they may seem like a recent invention, shorts were born in the late nineteenth century. Initially they were used as a garment for schoolchildren’s uniforms; only in the twentieth century they become part of the adult wardrobe. Their evolution The first woman who wore shorts was the tennis player Alice Marble in 1933. This … Read more

Cotton: history and processing

The history of cotton goes back thousands of years. The first signs of its presence date back to 9000 years ago. It was in that remote period that the first seeds of the plant were found in the Indus valley. It is a plant found on many continents, including America, where the Maya, the Aztecs … Read more

Shorts: the most suitable models for every body type

The heat is approaching, and with it the desire to uncover the legs. The undisputed protagonists of the summer season are therefore the shorts. There are different shapes, lengths and materials. Let’s see them together and understand which model is best suited to each body. 1. Bermuda When we want to wear shorts without sacrificing … Read more

Denim Day

Denim Day

Violence against women is today one of the hottest issues on which we must clash and focus our attention. Denim Day was born with the intention of fighting so that this cruel gesture can become a distant memory. How it was born The initiative was born as a sign of protest against a sentence of … Read more

Sustainable denim: how to fight pollution and fast fashion

The world of fashion is not always eco-sustainable: very often, in fact, thousands of liters of water and chemical dyes rich in heavy metals are used to produce an item of clothing. Moreover, these forms of pollution are accompanied by a waste of clothing: we are talking about fast fashion, or “disposable” garments. Despite this, … Read more

Marlon Brando: a sex symbol of style

In the Hollywood scene, we find iconic characters who are often remembered for their nature, for their beauty, but also for their way of dressing. An example is Marlon Brando, the sex symbol of the 1950s: his style? Leather jacket, white T-shirt and of course a pair of jeans. His history Born in Omaha, Nebraska, … Read more

Men’s jeans: all models for a perfect look

Denim trousers are a real must have in the male wardrobe: not only for a casual look, but, with the right combinations, they are suitable for the most varied activities. Let’s see the most suitable models for every occasion. For a comfortable look For an everyday, comfortable and versatile look, we must choose jeans models … Read more

Amelia Bloomer: fashion activist

There were many women who in the past, with their actions, revolutionized women’s fashion. One of these was Amelia Bloomer, the one who first created a pair of women’s trousers. Biography Amelia was born in New York in 1818. She was educated in a local school and in 1840 she married Dexter Bloomer, a journalist … Read more

donne e pantaloni

Women and pants: a struggle for gender equality

Although today trousers are an extremely popular item of clothing in the women’s wardrobe, for many centuries, it was considered scandalous to wear them. Let’s retrace the story of how women, after many struggles and courage fights, were able to freely wear this garment. The birth of trousers The first forms of trousers date back … Read more

Marylin Monroe: an actress in Denim

Jeans, given its robustness, was born as a fabric for work trousers. During the 1950s this assumes an iconic value thanks to the Hollywood stars who start wearing it: an example was James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” by 1955 but also Marylin Monroe, who in 1952, playing Peggy, interpreted “Clash by Night”. The … Read more

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