Raffaella Carrà: icon of music and style

Showgirl, dancer and singer, Raffaella Carrà, who sadly left us on July 5, was a true icon in the panorama of the Italian show business. His way of doing things and her style were not only iconic but also revolutionary.

Navel exposed

It was in 1969 that, as presenter of Canzonissima alongside Corrado, Raffaella appeared for the first time with her navel discovered on television: it was a real scandal for the time, but also a revolutionary gesture: an outfit becomes a banner of the female emancipation. The greatness of Carrà was to normalize this way of dressing: she herself joked about her navel, calling it a “tortellino”, a clear reference to her origins in Romagna.

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Another element that characterized her outfits were sequins. Again, her outfits symbolized non-conformism and a clash with the rules. The favorite colors she wore were white, black, red and gold.

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Sexy style

Thanks to her statuesque physique, her audacity and her role in the world of entertainment, Raffaella has always stood out for her sexy outfits: flared pants tight on the hips, alternating with very short dresses and shorts that left her legs in full view, together with bare navel and sequins created the imagination of the sexy, free and independent woman.

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Style as an expression of social change

Raffaella, therefore, was not only a talented showwoman, but in a conscious way, she was among the first who, between the sixties and seventies, tried to unhinge those models and those limits that were now narrow to the new society that was being born.

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