Jane Birkin: icon of 70s style

Actress, singer and british director french naturalized, Jane Birkin was one of the muses of the 70s fashion world. Let’s go back some of her iconic look.

The most iconic look: flared jeans and t-shirt

Classic seventies look, flared jeans paired with a simple t-shirt was a must-have for Jane. Of course, the cropped sweater is white, the Birkin color par excellence, to be worn not only in summer, but also during the winter season. All paired with a pair of boots, better if platform.

Jane Birkin

Photo credits: www.vogue.it


From the casual look given by the bell bottoms, wide and long, Jane switched to mini-dresses characterized by wide puffed sleeves that made every look ethereal and elegant.

Photo credits: www.lofficielitalia.com

Accessories that have marked the history of fashion: the wicker basket

Jane Birkin was a true style icon also thanks to her way of upsetting fashion and seeing it with different eyes and a great desire to experiment: an example that distinguishes her concerns the wicker basket which, like a bag, was used by the actress to complete her looks, giving her a simple and unusual look at the same time.

Photo credits: www.lofficielitalia.com

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