Friends: the perfect jeans for each character

One of the most popular television series, not only in the nineties, is definitely Friends. The series tells of the adventures (and misadventures) of six young friends from New York. Each of them has a very different personality from the others, and this is reflected in the way they dress.

Let’s see which Shaft pants are suitable for our protagonists.

Rachel: style icon

Surely she is the most fashionable of the three female protagonists of the series (after all she works in the fashion world). If we had to give a name to her style we could define it as feminine and fashionable. Style, elegance and sensuality distinguish it. If we were to match Rachel with trousers, it could therefore only be our Milly model.

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Ross: timeless elegance

A paleontologist by profession, Ross is certainly the most cultured of the group of friends. The most suitable trousers for him are comfortable but elegant, like our Slim Tapered model.

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Monica: comfort and classicism

Precise, tidy and programmer: this is Monica, the group’s “desperate housewife”. For her, we can only choose a classic model with which she can feel comfortable doing housework: the best model is therefore the Regular Woman model.

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Chandler: casual style

The jokes and pranks are the workhorse of Chandler, the joker of the group. The style that most of all reflects him is casual, but above all as cheerful and fun as his personality: that’s why we thought of the Slim 18 model for him.

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Pohebe: extravagance and creativity

Singer, artist and dreamer: this is Pohebe, the group’s alternative. Which model suits you best? Definitely something colorful and a bit hippie: nothing better than the Lola model.

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Joy: charm and fun

Actor, heartthrob and joker: this is Joy, the most extravagant of the boys in the series. Being a real Latin lover, his style must be elegant and refined: the perfect model for him is our Slim 17.

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