Curvy Pants: How to Wear Them to Feel Valued

It is not true that those who are curvy cannot wear jeans, especially if they are tight. The important thing is to know how to match the trousers in the right way so that you can enhance yourself.

The Fashion of The Moment: Palazzo Jeans

Soft and straight on the legs, the palazzo trousers are perfect for disguising a few extra kilos. It is one of the most fashionable models of the period, to be worn both with a sneakers for a sporty outfit, and with a heel for a more elegant one.


Boyfrend Jeans

Another very trendy model is the boyfrend jeans: tight on the hips and soft like the palazzo one but which, unlike the latter, does not fall straight but tapers at the ankle. To be worn with short or crop tops, to enhance the shapes.

Paper Bag Model

Another model suitable for curvy physique is the paper bag: it is a high-waisted model, which slims the figure, which falls softly on the hips and legs and then shrinks at the ankle. To be worn with a pair of heels to streamline the figure even more.

Paper Bag

Skinny Jeans

The model that is generally avoided by the curvy category is skinny jeans. But with some simple precautions, even this model can be worn enhancing the physicality. It is very important to wear modeling skinny jeans, adherent but which, thanks to the particular seams and fabrics, allow you to reshape the shilouette. To be combined with long sweaters, to cover the hips, or with fluttering and colored shirts so as to shift the attention to the upper part of the body.




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