Body Shape: Which Jeans Is Best For You

Apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle: these are the main shapes that our body can have and that can influence the way we dress. In fact, each shape has its strengths. Let’s see which pants are best suited to our physicality.

The Right Pant For Your Body Shape

Reverse Triangle-Shaped Pants

Characterized by a poorly marked waist and a prosperous bust, all those who are characterized by this body shape will have to stay away from the high waist. At the same time, the apple-shaped bodies are endowed with long and thin legs, which become a real strength: green light for Skinny pants and all models that emphasize the length of the leg. Let’s see our  Carrot models.

Karot Woman
Karot Woman

Pear-Shaped Pants

Unlike the previous one, the pear shape is characterized by a very small upper body that tends to widen considerably on the hips and thighs. We suggest to use high-waisted trousers that fall softly, such as our Flare models.


Hourglass-Shaped Pants

Similar to the pear body shape, the hourglass body is characterized by many sinuosity: large breasts, marked waistline which then tends to widen again on the hips. This body shape generally could fit any models of pants. However, the best fit for this shape is a model characterized by high and well marked waist. The perfect piece of clothing? One of our high-waisted Balloon models.


Rectangle-Shaped Pants

The rectangle body is middle ground between all the body shapes we have talked about. This shape is characterized by a poorly marked waist, slender and muscular legs and a basically slender body. Green light for Skinny, Regular jeans, but also to Bootcut models.


Of course these are just tips and remember that, after all, the real rule is only one: actually, there are no rules!

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