Size Guide: Tips To Find Out The Right Size For You

Online shopping is increasingly popular and appreciated by fashion lovers. It is no secret that most stores have a larger amount of stock online than at their physical locations, and search buttons make it even easier to find the products that you want in a minimal amount of time
In addition, e-commerces very often offer free shipping and returns with delivery times ranging from 2 to 4 days and you are able to get products delivered straight to your home or a PO box. The most convenient aspect of the internet is its time savingnature, making online shopping perfect for those individuals whose busy lifestyles prevent them from visiting the high street on a regular basis. In short, online shopping saves our lives!

Are there downsides? There are generally two reasons that stop us during an online purchase: size and fit. We have created this size guide to help you find the right size for you and order the perfect denim . You can find the size guide in every product page, as you can see in the picture below. Moreover you’ll find a section named “SIZE DETAILS” whose values refer to the size worn by the model. For example, find the hem width to get a clear idea of ??the width of the leg bottom.


Size Guide

Size Guide For Trousers And Jeans

On general e-commerce sites, the sizes can be indicated in different ways as the classic Small, Medium and Large are often used.

Our choice fell on american sizes, ranging from 24 to 31 for women, and from 30 to 36 for men. For convenience in the size guide we have also mentioned the European sizes, even if it is very simple to calculate them: just add 14 to the american size!

How find your size?

Key measures to be taken are: waist, hips and outside leg.

In the images below we have indicated how to take these measures.


Size Guide For Jackets And Shirts

For each cloth its measures. In the world of top-garment, the method to take the measurements is different, as well as the measures to be taken. In this case the sizes are the universal ones from S to XL and the parts of the body to be measured are: shoulders, chest, waist and hips.

In the picture below here’s how to properly do that.


Those who sell online know even more the importance of transparency and perfect customer service. It has always been our priority to provide our customers with the best possible shopping experience, online and offline. Let us know if you still have doubts on how to find your ideal size!

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