Shaft Loves Women: Marina Cacciapuoti

#SLW: interview with the founder of italy segreta

Hi Marina, Tell Us What Are You Doing?

I created an Italy life style brand called Italy Segreta.
A brand that can bring abroad and enhance all that is beautiful and authentic in Italy.

What Is The Part Of Your Job That You Like The Most?

Everything. Above all the creative and research part,
but also the possibility of meeting enterprising people with interesting projects.


What Is The Accessory You Can’T Go Out Without?

The wallet (for men) and the watch are indispensable for me.
I don’t like carrying anything, the less I have the better.

Morning Or Evening?

Mornings! I’m a new beginning, and honestly, every night before going to bed
I already think about my loved morning coffee.

What Could You Never Give Up?

The sea is my source of happiness. I can’t live without it for too long.
I practically grew up on a sailing boat, my father is a fan.

Marina barca


When it values ??me in and makes me feel more confident.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

In 10 years I see myself as well as today, constantly challenged, stimulated,
inspired and surrounded by people which I admire.

How Important Is Collaboration To You?

Relationships, in work and in life, are everything. Without collaboration
I would not have been able to build Italy Segreta.

Rome Or New York?

Instinctively Rome, but I don’t think I can live without the energia di New York.
Let’s say that Rome is the heart and NY is the brain. I need both.


What Do You Think Of Made In Italy?

Made in Italy is essential but the real one!
That’s what I want to promote as much as possible.

How Much Denim Is In Your Wardrobe?

It’s versatile, it’s a great base to combine with everything.
Half of my pants are jeans, and it’s also the half I wear the most.

If I Say Jeans What Comes To Your Mind?

Second skin… high-waisted and comfortable.
It is a safety! It’s a garment I can always count on.

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