Shaft Jeans: Our Story and Manifesto

From France To Italy

Today Shaft Jeans is an important benchmark in Made in Italy premium denim business. Let’s see together the story and the manifesto of the company.

The brand was born in 1964 in Montpellier, exactly from a French craftsman named Mr Shafir. At the beginning of 1968 the brand arrived in Italy during a period of social and cultural transformations, which make jeans a symbol of non-conformism and rebellion, especially for young people.


In 2004 Francesca Bacci, acquired the brand convinced by the original founder during a chat in a bistro of Montparnasse. Francesca has over 40 years of experience in denim business, as they say, she was born among the patches of jeans. Today Francesca Bacci manages Shaft Jeans with her two twin children, Letizia and Lorenzo, after having founded the company “Manifatture Twins”.

Shaft Jeans Icon Of Made In Italy

Francesca’s fourty years of experience and the youthful point of view of her two sons stay together; this combination makes sure that Shaft Jeans places itself only in high fashion stores and boutiques.

In a few years the brand has become an important point of reference for Made in Italy denim. The garments are entirely designed and produced in the local country; they are made with high-level workmanship deriving from the tradition of American denim, but with fashion details and models that make them always contemporary.

The Shaft collections are renewed every season of every year; always mantaining the key points of the brand: style, research and “Made in Italy”.

Every collection consists of denim garments of all kinds. You can find pants, jackets and shirts, salopettes and skirts. For its garments, Shaft uses also the most suitable fabrics for the season; such as velvet in winter, linen in summer and organic fiber for a special capsule. Furthermore, the continuous research for innovative fabrics allows collaborations with the most qualified companies in the denim sector, not only in the Italian context, but in the global one.


Our mission is to continue to supply high quality Italian denim. We also work to expand our brand all over the world, always keeping in mind where we come from.

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