Color Harmony: To Each His Own Color

Cold or warm, dark or light colors: not all shades are suitable for us; some enhance our figure and others penalize it. To understand which colors is the best for you, we must rely on color harmony, that is the study of the colors that give us the most. Each of us, according to our complexion, can be part of 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn or winter.


If you belong to this chromatic season, your undertone is warm, your value is clear and the intensity is high. the complexion of those who are part of this palette is radiant and holds up well the strong, warm and bright colors. The enemy colors of this season are gray and black.

This season includes people with light or medium skin – often also present with freckles – with warm undertones and red hair, which can go on brown or blond; the eyes are green, blue, hazel or light brown.

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They can be either blonde or light brown, they have a cold undertone, a low intensity and a light value.

Pastel, powdery and mother-of-pearl shades hold up very well. On the other hand, they do not tolerate colors that are too vivid and aggressive, especially in warm and orange shades.

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What unites autumn women is the warm undertone and medium-low intensity. According to the theory of the seasons, autumn is the season for people with a light, medium or dark skin tone, with a warm undertone and brown eyes – in all shades of color. The ideal colors are dark, warm and soft: these are shades such as orange, copper, brown, yellow, green and ivory.

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This season is very dark hair (it can be both brown and black, or even platinum blonde), eyes either very dark or very light. The skin tone can be light, medium or dark and the undertone cold.

What unites winter women is the cold undertone and the high intensity and dark value. The reference colors for these people are cold, dark and bright, such as white, black, gray, blue, green, red, pink, magenta, purple. Combinations between light and dark colors, dark colors with medium or other dark colors are recommended.

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