Amelia Bloomer: Fashion Activist

There were many women who in the past, with their actions, revolutionized women’s fashion. One of these was Amelia Bloomer, the one who first created a pair of women’s trousers.


Amelia was born in New York in 1818. She was educated in a local school and in 1840 she married Dexter Bloomer, a journalist thanks to whom she began her career, writing several articles, mainly concerning women’s rights. She was the founder of the first women’s newspaper edited entirely by a woman: in 1849 The Lily was born, a newspaper that fought for women’s rights.

Activism Takes Shape With a Pair of Pants

It was through this magazine that Amelia suggested to women to use less “restrictive” clothes as zuava trousers , called “Bloomer” trousers.

Amelia became more and more active in the panorama of women’s rights: she was involved in a reform movement of women’s clothing, and on this occasion she wore the first women’s pants, named in her honor Bloomers: they were very wide pants, tight at the ankle, with a short skirt on top

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The so-called Bloomers bravely defied the scorn of the press and harassment in the street for a few years: at stake was not decency (the dress was too modest), but the improperness of wearing a male garment.

Although these trousers were not well received by the male audience of the time, they laid the foundations for subsequent developments that led to the conquest of new fashion-rights for the female world.

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