Color Harmony: To Each His Own Color

Cold or warm, dark or light colors: not all shades are suitable for us; some enhance our figure and others penalize it. To understand which colors is the best for you, we must rely on color harmony, that is the study of the colors that give us the most. Each of us, according to our … Read more

Friends: The Perfect Jeans For Each Character

One of the most popular television series, not only in the nineties, is definitely Friends. The series tells of the adventures (and misadventures) of six young friends from New York. Each of them has a very different personality from the others, and this is reflected in the way they dress. Let’s see which Shaft pants … Read more

Shorts: The Most Suitable Models For Every Body Type

The heat is approaching, and with it the desire to uncover the legs. The undisputed protagonists of the summer season are therefore the shorts. There are different shapes, lengths and materials. Let’s see them together and understand which model is best suited to each body. 1. Bermuda When we want to wear shorts without sacrificing … Read more

Men’S Jeans: All Models For a Perfect Look

Denim trousers are a real must have in the male wardrobe: not only for a casual look, but, with the right combinations, they are suitable for the most varied activities. Let’s see the most suitable models for every occasion. For a comfortable look For an everyday, comfortable and versatile look, we must choose jeans models … Read more

Denim: All Types

Fashion is not a topic on everyone’s lips, but there is no doubt that most people (if not everyone) know Denim, the fabric of which jeans are made. Despite this, few people know how this fiber is composed, and especially the variants that characterize it. Let’s see them together. Characteristics of Denim Denim is made … Read more

Jeans In The Decades

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe. This iconic garment, which made the history of twentieth century fashion, has changed shape and model over the years: from flared trousers, to skinny trousers, from high-waisted to low-waisted models, let’s see how jeans have changed shape in the decades... Read more

Zodiac signs jeans

Zodiac Signs: To Each One His Own Perfect Jeans

Zodiac is a cool topic because either you believe it or you don’t believe it, there is no middle way. In fact, there are those who look forward to the horoscope of their sign every month, every week, every day to find out what their future will be like. True, even the experts admit that this … Read more

Bell bottom 70s

Bell Bottom Story: Symbol Of Youth And Rebellion

Today the bell bottom pants are essential in every women’s wardrobe. This model, snug on the thighs and wide from the knee down, enhances the silhouette and slims even those who do not have a particular. Flared or bell-bottom jeans are an icon during the 70s, wore by hippies and bohemians aimed at non-conformism and … Read more


Flare Jeans Story: A Trend That Returns

There are rumors that flare jeans are coming back, but is that true? The answer is given by the latest collections of the major designers, where jeans and wide-leg trousers are popular in the most varied fabrics, models and colors. So what is said about fashion is true: it works cyclically. This means that fashion … Read more


Japanese Denim: Why Is It The Best on The Market?

Japanese denim is more and more loved and popular, not only by true connoisseurs of this canvas, but also by those who love to wear beautiful and quality jeans. But why is Japanese denim considered the best on the market? First of all we specify that even if Japanese denim is considered a very high … Read more

Story Of Denim: From Origins To Fame

Denim are today the best-selling garment in the world. This fame is mainly due to their versatility, both thanks to several occasions of use and the variants in which it is found on the market. Let’s see together the story of denim, the fabric that made Shaft Jeans a renowned brand in the world of … Read more

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